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This is my personal “notebook”, and sometimes I share some of my thoughts here. Or maybe some man pages & tech step by step guide.

Some stuff

Nginx tutorial - some simple tutorials.

YAU-251 - Yet Another UTAU Voicebank by 251 (Simplified Chinese)

中银长城跨境通借记卡 - 中国银行长城跨境通借记卡体验 (Simplified Chinese)

中信万事达外币借记卡 - 中信银行万事达外币借记卡体验 (Simplified Chinese)

I类II类III类卡 - 中国个人银行账户分类管理制度 (Simplified Chinese)

Hulu 字幕 - Get subtitle(s) of a show.

Linux Commands - In case I forgot.

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