Trace: 360browser

360 安全浏览器

360 安全浏览器


版本: 内核版本:45.0.2454.101

Plugins information (your browser plugins)

Name:   Chromium PDF Viewer
File name:  mhjfbmdgcfjbbpaeojofohoefgiehjai

Name:   Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer
File name:  internal-remoting-viewer
Description:    This plugin allows you to securely access other computers that have been shared with you. To use this plugin you must first install the Chrome Remote Desktop webapp.

Name:   Chromium PDF Viewer
File name:  internal-pdf-viewer
Description:    Portable Document Format

Name:   Microsoft® Windows Media Player Firefox Plugin
File name:  np-mswmp.dll
Description:    np-mswmp

Name:   Alipay security control
File name:  npaliedit.dll
Description:    npaliedit

Name:   AliSSOLogin plugin
File name:  npalissologin.dll
Description:    npAliSSOLogin Plugin

Name:   iTrusChina iTrusPTA,XEnroll,iEnroll,hwPTA,UKeyInstalls Firefox Plugin
File name:  npcombrg.dll
Description:    iTrusPTA&XEnroll hwPTA,IEnroll,UKeyInstalls for FireFox,version=

Name:   Shockwave Flash
File name:  NPSWF32_29_0_0_171.dll
Description:    Shockwave Flash 29.0 r0

Name:   GamePlugin
File name:  gameplugin.dll
Description:    GamePlugin

Name:   Tencent QQ
File name:  npactivex.dll
Description:    Tencent QQ CPHelper plugin for Chrome

Name:   QQMiniDL Plugin
File name:  npXFMiniDLPlugin.dll
Description:    QQMiniDL Plugin

Name:   Tencent SSO Platform
File name:  npSSOAxCtrlForPTLogin.dll
Description:    QQ QuickLogin Helper

Name:   Google Update
File name:  npGoogleUpdate3.dll
Description:    Google Update

Name:   QQMail Plugin
File name:  npQQMailWebKit.dll
Description:    QQMail plugin for WebKit #

Name:   Tencent FTN plug-in
File name:  nptxftnWebKit.dll
Description:    Tencent FTN plug-in

Name:   QQ音乐播放控件
File name:  npQzoneMusic.dll
Description:    QQ音乐播放控件

Name:   npQQPhotoDrawEx
File name:  npQQPhotoDrawEx.dll
Description:    npQQPhotoDrawEx Module

Name:   QQGamePlugin Pro
File name:  npqqwebgame.dll
Description:    QQWebGamePlugin Pro